Lambic, an excellent beer restaurant on Myasnitskaya, is located only five hundred meters away from Krasnye Vorota metro station.

Ресторан на МясницкойРесторан на Мясницкой

Convenient location plays into the Lambic’s hands: it is easy to get to the restaurant, it is close to key city attractions. You can go to Lambic after a nice walk in the centre to have beef stewed in Bourgogne des Flandres beer (790 roubles) or seafood tagliatelle, tuna steak or grilled dorado.

Ресторан на МясницкойРесторан на Мясницкой

But what is more important, Lambic is probably the only restaurant on Myasnitskaya, which can boast of such a large collection of Belgian beer: from stout and lager to every possible ale and lambic, from traditional taps to exclusive seasonal offers.

In the restaurant on Myasnitskaya, both classical snacks to beer such as garlic toasts with blue cheese sauce and unusual snacks, for example, shrimp popcorn, are offered. If you prefer wine, hard alcohol or alcohol-free drinks to beer, feel free to go through the menu. There are many good options — from signature tea to excellent Prosecco.

Ресторан на МясницкойРесторан на Мясницкой

In Lambic you can design a business lunch: it can be a lunch for 500 roubles or for 650 roubles. The first option is to be served with a hot dish and soup or salad at your choice, and the second option is lunch of three courses. By the way, you can never accuse the menu of platitude: for example, you can order linguine with mussels in cream sauce, noodle soup with meatballs and tomatoes with ricotta and baked peppers.

There is special atmosphere in the restaurant on Myasnitskaya among all establishments of the Lambic chain. The interior is designed in warm colours with some emphasis using details such as light chandeliers, mirrors and pictures. During the warm season, a spacious terrace is open. On the second floor there is a chamber hall for 35 persons, where you can tastefully celebrate you birthday, have a corporate or any other event. However, the main hall for 100 persons can also be used for such purposes.

You will not have to worry about food — you will always be able to choose dishes from the restaurant menu. If you need a special banquet menu, Lambic will create it according to your request. By the way, on your birthday and six days after it you will have a discount of 15% upon the presentation of a passport.

Restaurant address: Myasnitskaya Street, 40А

260 m
Chistye Prudy
260 m
Sretensky Bulvar
300 m
Krasnye Vorota
500 m

Telephone: +7 (495) 432-09-90

Mon—Thu, Sun from 12 PM to 12 AM
Fri, Sat from 12 PM to 3 AM

Lambic club Privilege Club